Sports in schools scores a big win for physical literacy

Sports in schools scores a big win for physical literacy

On the heels of our recent story about the Better Movers and Thinkers initiative in Scotland, more terrific news is coming out of the UK, this time from Wales, where the government’s efforts to make physical literacy as important as reading and writing have met with great success.

As reported by WalesOnline, a recent survey of schools – the largest ever in Wales – showed a huge jump in the number of kids playing sports at school at least three times a week.

Almost all the kids surveyed talked about how they enjoyed playing sports at school and how school sports, through PE and extra-curricular activities, were their main gateway to learning new physical skills and trying different activities.

More than anything else though, the survey results show just how powerful an impact school sports have on supporting and improving kids’ physical literacy. This is the kind of information policy makers can use to ward off budget cuts and make physical literacy a core school subject like reading and math.

School sports programs are a place where our kids can learn to move with confidence and skill. What are your school’s programs? How committed is your school to making sure your kids are able to try different sports? How could you connect with your kids’ PE teachers?

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