Is Sidney Crosby the best baseball player from Canada?

Is Sidney Crosby the best baseball player from Canada?

In the opening game in the 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs against the Philadelphia Flyers, Sidney Crosby notched a natural hat-trick, leading the Pittsburgh Penguins to a 7 to 0 win.

He scored his first goal by swatting the puck out of the air like he was a baseball player messing around at spring training.

It’s not the first time Sid’s done this, either. In the past year alone he’s scored multiple times by batting the puck out of the air with his stick.


Despite his prowess – and renown – as a hockey player, Crosby has a multi-sport background. He says that as a kid he played every sport he could, including school basketball and football. Until he was into his teens, he didn’t play spring hockey at all. His summer sport was baseball.

And here he is actually smashing a home run during some batting practice with the Pittsburgh Pirates back in 2010.

More displays of Sid’s hand-eye coordination are presented here for your enjoyment.

4 responses to “Is Sidney Crosby the best baseball player from Canada?

  1. He wasn’t even good at baseball. My little brother played against him growing up and Cole harbours team always sucked. I played in the league above and was always playing at a high level and he was never included in anything like the ns selects or any national teams. He is a very athletic person and hockey came naturally to him. he makes everyone look dumb on the ice but not on the field.

    1. Hi JJ. We are saying that Sydney Crosby has some skills for batting a ball (or a puck) out of the air. That he is more than just a hockey player and that his batting technique is good enough to hit a home run out of a major league baseball park as demonstrated in this video:…DMxebBNvjU

  2. Sid is an awesome player! I love the way he handles himself with all the adversity and all the the renown. So proud he is from Canada! It is fun watching his different scoring methods. Amazing!

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