These kids learned to snowboard in a gymnasium

These kids learned to snowboard in a gymnasium

With 20-year old snowboarder Mark McMorris winning bronze at Sochi, your kids may be bugging you about getting into the sport. And a new physical education (PE) program in American schools means you may not have to take them out to the slopes to get them started.

In Williston Vermont, local news channel WPTZ shares the story of a flagship PE initiative designed to bring fundamental snowboarding movement skills into regular PE classes.

Initiated by snowboarding retailer Burton and Grade 8 student Jeffrey Boliba, the skills can either be taught on their own or included in lessons for other sports like basketball.

Watching the program in action, the kids sure seem to be enjoying themselves as they do tricks on stationary boards or haul each other around on tethered boards that glide easily across the gym floor.

And the classes aren’t just about fun. According to gym teacher Lyn Porter, snowboarding skills are really hitting a key area for the kids – balance. “We have a lot of kids who struggle with core strength, and core strength is huge in balance.”

While the program in currently focused on the U.S., maybe a nudge to your local school or PE teacher could get the ball rolling up here in Canada.

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