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Solo sports for kids: Perfect activities for your introverted child

While team sports are fun for many kids, not every child is a fan of large groups and competitions. Sometimes the best sport for your introverted child is one in which they can challenge themselves without an opponent. If you want your child to be active but they hate the idea of trying to beat someone to the ball, consider these solo sports that will keep them active and give them a sense of accomplishment. 

Horseback riding

Horses have a calming effect on people, so much so that horses are commonly used as therapy animals. As a sport, horseback riding requires strength and patience. It’s also the perfect option for introverts, who will benefit from being in nature, connecting to an animal, and moving their body in a way that’s low-pressure but still active and fun. If your child isn’t interested in many traditional sports or is looking for a new challenge, perhaps it’s worth exploring one of these four obscure (but awesome) equestrian sports.


There’s nothing quite as calming as being out on the water. Paddle sports can keep you connected to nature, get you active outdoors, and help you get away from the busyness and noise of daily life. Make sure kids have practiced open-water swimming before heading out, just in case of tipping (though of course they’ll be wearing a life jacket, it’s still good to practice!). It’s also a good idea to start on quiet, calm water like a bay or protected lake—the perfect place for new paddlers and quiet introverts.


You might not immediately think of running as a kids’ sport, but there’s an incredible community of kids who like to run and even sign up for running events. Whether you sign up for races or hit the trails, running is very much a solo sport. It takes focus and internal motivation. It’s also accessible—all you need is a pair of running shoes! To get your kids started, here are 7 ways you can help your kids learn how to run.

A man and his teenage son run together in a park.


We’re sure to see an increased interest in this particular sport thanks to the Barbie movie, but besides being a great way to get to Barbieland, rollerblading is also a feel-good full-body exercise that you can do anywhere any time—as long as you have a pair of rollerskates or rollerblades and some protective gear (helmets and wrist guards are a must!).


Swimming isn’t just a life-saving skill; it’s also a full sensory experience. The rhythmic strokes in the water can be meditative, offering a chance for kids to focus on their breathing. It’s amazing cardio without being hard on the joints, making it a great low-impact activity. Whether it’s a cold lake or the lanes of a pool, swimming is a perfect introvert sport.

Cross-country skiing

A silent, snow-covered trail is one of the most welcoming places for an introvert. Kids can enjoy the beauty of snowy landscapes while gliding along the trails at their own pace. If you’re newer to the activity, here are some cross-country ski tips for newbies.

A girl cross-country skis in the woods on a sunny day, following behind her mother.


There’s nothing quite like the feeling of riding a bike, and this childhood skill is a classic for a reason: the balance, coordination, and freedom it provides for kids is so beneficial for their physical and mental well-being. Whether your kids bike in a parking lot or go mountain biking, this is a sport that will stay with them forever. And if you’d like to help your child improve their skills, here are 5 fun activities that can help build your child’s bike-riding skills.

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