Woody Belfort

This Canada Games athlete spreads joy all around

Meet Woody Belfort. An athlete who spreads joy all around.

We’ve featured athletes that give back to society through

But Woody Belfort is an athlete who gives back in a different way.  

Woody is a wheelchair basketball player on team Québec at the 2019 Canada Games in Red Deer Alberta. And Woody loves his sport, as he said: “If basketball was a person, I would have married it.” But what is special about Woody is his infectious love of life. I dare you not to smile as you watch this interview Woody gave to TSN.

What Woody spreads around generously is his unlimited love of life. As the interviewer remarks “Belfort is a classic example of a young man taking the biggest bite out of life every single day”. If not for the guaranteed reminder of how fun life can be, this short video is worth watching for the footage of Belfort crowd surfing during a live music concert. Enjoy!

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