Stroller fit: Get moving with your baby

Stroller fit: Get moving with your baby

Having a baby transforms your entire life … including your body and your routine. The first months are tough, and new moms can feel alone in dealing with all the changes baby brings. To help adapt to my new lifestyle after my son was born, I enrolled in a great group workout called Cardio-Poussette, where I met other moms who were going through the same experience. The classes gave us the chance to stay fit and talk about our babies at the same time.

Wanting to get active after giving birth and actually getting around to it are two very different things. It can be hard just getting out the door when your baby might cry or want to nurse at any moment. But these classes are really worth it. There’s no chance of you lacking motivation once the group gets going – it’s easy to follow along. Plus, working out outdoors is great for your body, your mind, and your baby, who gets lots of fresh air. Some babies sleep during the class, while others might cry before they doze off … not to worry, we still keep moving!

Stroller fitness classes are an all-season activity. Sweating in the summer heat, splashing through spring puddles, fighting autumn wind, and navigating winter slush and snow are all part of the experience. Your instructor is there to guide you through any challenging conditions. Cardio-Pousette’s goals are to help you lose weight and improve your muscle endurance, cardiovascular fitness, and flexibility. Don’t worry if you’re not in your best shape when you begin, just go at your own pace. The program is designed for mothers with young babies, and its aims include increasing energy levels. There’s no running, so you won’t need a special stroller. But the classes do get intense … this is cardio, after all.

If you’re not sure whether the program is right for you, you can always try out a single class to see whether you like it. Just contact your local stroller fitness group for details.

I liked my fall stroller fitness classes so much that I continued into the winter as well. It’s always a good idea to stay active in winter, when we’re generally more sedentary. For me, the classes made a huge difference. Not only did I nearly get back to my pre-baby weight in just two sessions (about four months), it also helped me transition into my new life as a mom. Sharing our experiences and working out are two things that new mothers should always find time for.

Babies also get to participate during the muscle-building portion at the end of each class, when they have fun interacting with friends on the mat while you and the other moms go through the exercises.

It’s important to promote physical activity in your child’s very early years. By staying active, you’ll be setting a great example and encouraging them to get moving. Making fitness an important part of their life is a gift that will pay off for years to come.

Cardio Plein Air organizes Cardio-Poussette classes all over Quebec. For moms looking to get greater intensity in their workout, the company also has more challenging courses such as Cardio‑Musculation and Cardio F.I.T.

As a new mom, it can take willpower to stay active – but you’ll never regret putting in the effort!

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