The Friday Parents Club and other substitutes for summer camp

The Friday Parents Club and other substitutes for summer camp

Summer day camps can be a great way to keep your kids active and engaged when they aren’t in school (see our rundown of municipal day camps).

But for a variety of reasons camps aren’t always for everyone. And that sometimes leaves parents in a bit of a bind.

One group of working parents we know have coordinated their efforts in something they call the “Friday Parents Club.” Each Friday, one parent arranges to have the day off. They coordinate and supervise an activity or an outing for all of the children whose parents are members of the club.

One week a parent might take all of the kids to the zoo, for example. The next week, another parent could take all of the kids on a nature hike or a bike ride.

In this case, the club is made up of four families. It means that once a month, one parent from one of the four families takes the day off and leads four kids on a summer adventure.

Do you have a creative solution for kids in the summer months? Have you heard about someone who is doing something interesting? Share your ideas in the comments.

Here are some great summer activities that will keep the kids moving

• explore your city park or the local nature trails

• get a group of kids together at the local park to play a game of basketball, soccer, or scrub baseball

• set up some hockey nets in front of the house for a good old-fashioned game of street hockey

• swimming at the local river, lake, or pool

• water fights with super soakers, balloons and even pails

• set up the sprinkler

• backyard badminton


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