A mother and her two children dance together in the living room.

Try our Winter Break Bingo printable

The holidays are a wonderful time to be with family and take a break from the routines that have been established since September but while the chestnuts are roasting, the candles are glowing, and the snow is (hopefully) softly falling outside, the children might be bouncing off of the well-decorated walls.

Give them a mission to complete and maybe even a reason to compete (good-naturedly, of course) with each other, or with friends and neighbours with Active Winter Break Bingo [PDF]. This active take on an old favourite will get kids having fun completing different types of movement and activities.

Encourage children to complete a row a day, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. And, for an extra challenge, see if they can complete the entire board. Or all three! When they’ve completed a movement or activity they can colour in the circle.

Post your kids’ completed bingo boards on Instagram and tag us at @activeforlifeca!

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