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12 stocking stuffer ideas for active kids

When you’re hanging your stockings by chimneys (or elsewhere) with care, it’s a good idea to add a few things that will keep your kids active. Check through our list of stocking stuffers for kids below. (You can even check it twice!)

1. Hape Compass Set

$8.99 | Ages 4+ | Buy here

Hape Compass Set

Whether they’re finding their way on a hike, searching for items on a treasure hunt or navigating around the neighbourhood, a compass is a perfect gift for active kids. This compass has a mirror on the back to use as a signal for more fun!

2. Fubbles Dippin’ Bubbler

$4.99 | Ages 3+ | Buy here

Fubbles Dippin' Bubbler

The “bubbler” is so fun and easy for kids! They just need to pull back the pump, dip the wand and pump to make awesome bubbles for chasing and popping. 

3. Lil’ Cha Cha Maraca

$4.95 | Ages 3+ | Buy here 

Lil’ Cha Cha Maraca

As a currently popular singer might say, “Shake it off, shake it off!” Kids love playing along with music, with others or on their own. 

4. Unicorn Bike Bell

$16 | Ages 3+ | Buy here 

Unicorn Bike Bell

This cute and functional bell will announce the arrival (or the “Please move out of my way, thank you!”) of kids on bikes, scooters, or tricycles. 

5. Vilac Juggling Balls

$14.97 | Ages 7+ | Buy here

Vilac Juggling Balls

When you’re looking for gifts for active kids, this three-piece juggling set is perfect for kids learning and mastering the sport of juggling. From the basic cascade skill to incredible tricks, kids will take pride in conquering each challenge. 

6. Explore & More Pull & Go Car – Fox

$12.99 | 6 months+ | Buy here

Explore & More Pull & Go Car - Fox

This colourful and easy-to-grab fox car is a hit with babies. Pull it back and off it goes! 

7. Balsa Glider Kit

$8.50 | Ages 6+ | Buy here

Balsa Glider Kit

With no glue or tools required, kids can put this glider together quickly and send it off soaring horizontally or in “loop the loop” maneuvers. 

8. Clementoni Dragon Rattle

$16.99 | Ages 3 months+ | Buy here

Clementoni Dragon Rattle

This cute dragon is perfect for babies to shake and rattle. The toy also has three small rings on the bottom that will have babies focussed on the colours and on moving the pieces.

9. Haki Sack Rasta

$7.99 | Ages 5+ | Buy here

Haki Sack Rasta

Hacky sacks are versatile and super fun gifts for active kids. Kids can use them to juggle, to throw, to catch, to balance on their heads, to kick, to use in place of a baseball for gentle batting practice, and so much more!

10. Dance Ribbons (four-pack)

$8.45 | Ages 3+ | Buy here

Dance Ribbons

Kids can use their imaginations to move in many ways with colourful ribbons. Ribbons can be twirled in the air while dancing, used as wands in a magic show, thrown and caught, waved as a conductor’s baton, swung as a tornado, and so on and so on.

11. Cats Eye Tri Colour Marbles

$4.99 | Ages 4+ | Buy here

Cats Eye Tri Colour Marbles

Whether they’re used in a traditional rolling and bouncing game, played with as balls in a maze, or used over obstacles, marbles are a fun and versatile toy for kids.

12. Crayola 24-Count Sidewalk Chalk

$4.89 | Ages 4+ | Buy here

Crayola 24-Count Sidewalk Chalk

Kids can use chalk to draw hopscotch courts, create mazes to run, cycle or hop through, sketch a bullseye to throw objects, at or create their own Twister board. The possibilities are endless! This set contains TWENTY-FOUR pieces of chalk of different colours. They’re washable and flat rather than cylindrical so they won’t roll away down a driveway. Win-win!

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