6 ways dogs and kids can have fun moving together

Let’s take a moment to appreciate dogs.

Man’s best friend is a friend to all, regardless of whether you own one or know one. For kids in particular, dogs can be a source of confidence as they learn to move and develop their physical literacy.

No dog at home? No problem. Odds are a friend at the playground or neighbourhood has a playful puppy begging to go for a w-a-l-k. Here are six pet-friendly ways to move together:


This classic game of toss and return is perfect for developing kids’ overhand throw with a variety of objects: tennis ball, Frisbee, newspaper, you name it! You can also alternate throwing the ball with either hands. Variety is the spice of fetch and life.


A daily necessity for a dog can become routine for a family. Keep it interesting by exploring different outdoor spaces together as it can help kids connect with nature and tackle different terrains.


It’s all fun and games when you run with a dog. Kids will have a ball chasing, racing and running alongside a four-legged friend. Added challenge: play follow-the-leader in an off-leash area.


Dogs who don’t mind making a splash can be a great companion to kids in the water. Whether jumping off or wading in, swimming with a pet develops aquatic literacy.


Being a “dog family” means taking care of a pet through all seasons and all weather. To do that, children and adults have to be confident and balanced on ice, in mud, and through snow. Having a dog can help kids gain that confidence, one walk at a time.


A puppy is the perfect partner for developing physical literacy. Their unpredictable nature encourages kids to be creative and try new skills. Bonus: free puppy kisses as a reward.

There are 101 ways a dog can help develop physical literacy. What’s your family’s favourite way to play with pups?

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