This holiday gift for teachers will get students moving

This holiday gift for teachers will get students moving

Gift cards, baked goods, bottles of wine, and the ubiquitous mugs, are all the typical holiday gifts you might be used to giving the excellent teachers and ECEs that take care of your kids all day. But if you want a zero-cost gift that will keep on giving to both the teachers and to the children, consider something a little different this year.

We have an amazing “build your own lesson plan” tool for educators that will make anyone working with little kids very happy and will benefit the entire class. (Feel free to pass on to your big kids’ teachers too, I know I did!)

The lesson plan builder lets educators select an age range (3-5, 5-8, or 8-12), a skill(s) (balance, locomotion, and/or object manipulation), and choose from a wide range of activities. All activities are marked by duration so teachers can choose as many or as few as they need for the time they have available.

They can then reorder the activities and publish a PDF. Here’s an example [PDF, 30 kB] of what a finalized lesson plan might look like.

If your little ones are under 3-years-old and you want to give something that will benefit them too, look no further than our activities section. There are loads of fun things to do for minis to help them get steady on their feet, practice throwing, catching, batting, and so much more.

So pretty cool, holiday (or anytime), gift for teachers, right? And if you really want something tangible to give along with it, most kindergarten, preschools, home daycares, daycare centres, and nurseries would love to receive some updated equipment. How cute would it be to fill a bucket with bean bags, chalk, cones, ribbons, and ropes, together with the link to the lesson plan builder? We think it’s a holiday gift home run.

List of equipment every classroom needs

  • bean bags
  • foam blocks
  • bowling pins
  • balance beams
  • baskets
  • buckets
  • chalk (outdoor)
  • cones
  • hoops
  • inflatable pool
  • large box
  • large container
  • mats
  • ribbons
  • ropes
  • skipping ropes
  • strings
  • tape
  • tape (indoor)
  • thin mats
  • wood slats

We’ve even created a cute card that you can print out, have your children scribble on and sign, and give to your teachers. After you print out the card, place it on a table with the printed side down and fold the page in half, top to bottom. Then fold it in half again, left side to right. “Happy Holidays!” will be on the front, the Active for Life logo will be on the back, and the message will be in the middle.


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