10 fun autumn activities for kids

10 fun autumn activities for kids

Editor’s note: This post was updated on Oct. 8, 2020.

Pull on some layers, grab a toque, and take a whiff of that pumpkin-spiced air. Cool but comfortable autumn weather invites your family to be active outdoors and enjoy everything the season has to offer. As a way of saying thanks to autumn, Active for Life has picked some fresh ways to play this season, because developing physical literacy is a year-round journey.

1. Visit an orchard

Nothing beats the taste of a freshly picked apple. Go apple picking this autumn and for an extra challenge, balance one on top of your head.

2. Rake the leaves

Rally the family together to try something old and something new. Classic activity: rake the leaves into a big pile and JUMP! And here’s a new activity to try: make a leaf maze in your yard.

3. Hit the trails

Take time to appreciate the changing colours of the leaves that can transform a regular hike into a magical one. Make sure to check out our trail games before you begin.

4. Pumpkin patch challenge

Pick a pumpkin that you can carry or roll. Laying the ground rules before visiting a patch saves Mom and Dad from hoisting a heavy one, and challenges kids to push, pull, or carry their pumpkin away.

5. Climb a tree

As trees gradually lose their leaves and bare their branches, they’re practically begging to be climbed. Added bonus: getting up close and personal with any leaves that have yet to fall and collecting them for craft making.

6. Just roll with it

Climb to the top of a hill and roll down. This classic outdoor activity is a great way to connect with nature and learn to roll under control.

7. Become an autumn nature ninja

Get the kids moving outside with this fun twist on a scavenger hunt.

8. Football for all

If there’s one sport synonymous with autumn, it’s football. Gather the family and play your own Thanksgiving Classic in the backyard.

9. Farm fun

Visit a farm for some good old-fashioned fun. Tractor rides, pony rides, and hay bales are all worthy of becoming your new family tradition. Bonus: the kids will discover both the challenge and joy of climbing a farmer’s hay bale.

10. Practice gratitude

Autumn is a time to be thankful. Enjoy some quiet moments with your kids this season to be mindful of all that you have and can do.

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