Bad dad banned from hockey arenas for poor behaviour

Bad dad banned from hockey arenas for poor behaviour

If I had to nominate one guy to take the “Dad Fail of 2013 Award” it would have to be Jason Boyd, hockey dad and role model of unbelievably bad sportsmanship.

Global News shares the story about how, at his son’s hockey game, Boyd shouted abuse at players, picking on one boy in particular for his size. When the boy’s dad, Chuck Kitson, asked Boyd to stop insulting his son, Boyd became more abusive and then physically threatening. Kitson, wisely, chose to walk away at that point.

But Boyd’s tirades continued throughout the game. He even cheered when Kitson’s son went down with a broken arm during play.

Luckily, another parent at the game recorded the initial incident and it went viral over the Internet in a matter of days. (Mr. Boyd is also a potty-mouth; be forewarned that there is kid-inappropriate language if you watch the clip.)

In response, Boyd offered a public apology for his “unacceptable behavior” and Hockey Winnipeg – under pressure from the community’s minor hockey association – banned Boyd from arenas for the rest of the season.

It’s a shame how one adult’s bad behaviour can ruin the fun of sport for so many other people – parents, coaches, and kids alike – but standing up to an obnoxious parent can be difficult.

When confronted with this sort of abuse, of course it’s crucial to try and calm your own emotions first and attempt to diffuse the situation, but a little preemptive training ahead of time is even better. For example, the Respect in Sport Parent Program offers online training and certification for parents by encouraging positive sport behaviors and providing insight into the roles that coaches and officials play. Importantly, it also includes a component specifically focused on bullying, abuse, and harassment.

Here are some additional resources and reading for parents who are facing similar issues at their children’s games:


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