Basketball has evolved since Canadian James Naismith invented the game in 1891, but one thing hasn’t changed: Kids need to learn basic movement skills and develop physical literacy if they want to command the court.

The articles and resources below are for parents who want to introduce their kids to basketball and help them to have the best experience in the game.

Jr. NBA introduces kids to basketball

With the Toronto Raptors’ deep run in the NBA playoffs, and now a franchise-first NBA championship, everyone in Canada is talking basketball. And as often happens when the “home” team finds success, kids everywhere want to start playing and emulating their heroes. Jr. NBA Youth Basketball is now making it easier than ever to get … Continued

Steve Nash: the skateboarding basketball superstar

Steve Nash is a superstar in the NBA and a successful entrepreneur, but he’s also pretty good on a skateboard and with a soccer ball. Steve is living proof of what children can become when they develop physical literacy. He shows us his basketball, skateboarding and soccer skills in the video “Training Day”. Just a normal … Continued

How do you become an “overnight” sports superstar?

He may not look like a typical professional basketball player, but Jeremy Lin is living up to “Linsanity,” the phrase he’s inspired with his stellar play in the NBA. The National Post’s Bruce Arthur captured the phenomenon that is Lin: “But right now the Jeremy Lin story is about how in a society full of nonsense and noise, … Continued

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