Titus is a two-year-old basketball player

Titus, the 2-year-old, basketball-shooting phenomenon

An American 2-year-old named Titus is the latest Internet sensation. The video – you can watch it below – of Titus sinking incredible trick shots with a basketball has gone viral on the web, and he even beat Hollywood superstars Channing Tatum and Bradley Cooper in free throw competitions.

At Active for Life, we find there is plenty to celebrate when we see a child like Titus having fun in physical activity. Little Titus is cute beyond words and he has clearly developed some incredible skills in throwing a basketball. His parents have also done things right by providing him with lots of encouragement and age-appropriate equipment.

Will his success and fame at age two lead to success and fame in high school basketball one day? Or maybe even the NBA? It’s impossible to say.

At Active for Life, we simply hope that Titus continues to have fun and keep playing for the right reasons.

Sport, activity, and physical literacy lead to countless benefits when done right.

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