Bobby Orr talks about what young hockey players need and deserve

Bobby Orr talks about what young hockey players need and deserve

Many hockey players have been called great, but in the case of Bobby Orr, the term truly fits.

He displayed courage, vision, and creativity as he re-invented the position of defenseman. Off the ice, Orr is humble and respectful, but he’s outspoken about how the game is brought to kids.

For the launch of his memoir – our review is coming – Orr conducted plenty of interviews, including one with Jian Gomeshi for Q on CBC Radio 1 (click on the “listen” button under the photo to the right of the article to hear their conversation).

The great No. 4 doesn’t hold back on how he believes young hockey players should be supported to achieve their potential. When Gomeshi asks what parents should say to a kid who aspires to play pro hockey, Orr’s response is, “Go out and have fun and we’ll see what happens.”

Orr is also clear about the responsibility we all have in shaping the experience for kids not just in hockey but other sports and activities, too. “Coaches, officials on the ice, and parents in the stands and those that run the league, they have to work together to make sure it’s a great experience for all kids. And shame on us if we don’t do that”.

Thank you Mr. Orr, for sharing what is good about hockey and sport.

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