Campaign uses humour to put an end to early specialization

Campaign uses humour to put an end to early specialization

Unfortunately, when it comes to sports so much of what parents are hearing about what’s best for their kids is simply wrong.

In Nova Scotia, a campaign aimed at parents of kids under 12 is designed to educate parents and coaches about the benefits of kids playing lots of different sports and activities. It’s also spreading the message about the perils of early specialization.

The satirical campaign video that came out today depicts a support group for sport parents. You may recognize your friends, neighbours, or possibly even yourself. Have a watch and then tell us what you think.

You can also find out what kind of sports parent you are at the campaign’s website, Get More From Sport. While you’re there, test your sports IQ, read articles, testimonials, and more.

Beyond getting the word out, Sport Nova Scotia, the Government of Nova Scotia, Hockey Nova Scotia, Soccer Nova Scotia, and RBC Learn to Play are working together to make it possible for kids to play both hockey and soccer. They understand that it’s one thing to agree in principle that it’s a great idea for your child to try lots of sports, but quite another if you have to pull them out of soccer practice to go to hockey tryouts or to miss hockey for soccer playoffs.

Nova Scotia is a real leader and a role model for the rest of Canada when it comes to making multi-sport the norm for kids and it will be exciting to see how this campaign impacts kids and parents down the road.

If you don’t live in Nova Scotia and want to encourage your provincial sports organizations to work together, send them a note. The more parents who speak out about the importance of this the more likely there will be similar actions taken across the country.

In the meantime, let’s give a huge shout out to Nova Scotia for this campaign and for all their efforts to raise a province of active, healthy, and happy kids.

If you liked the video above and want more check out the extended version.


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