Nordic walking: Two poles, two feet and a heart beat

During the seasonal limbo when it’s too cold for golf yet not snowy enough to start cross-country skiing, you might wonder what there is to do with a golf course’s wide open, flurry-dusted acreage. Well, look no further than your own two feet! In line with the CBRM Recreation initiative to support opportunities for adults to be active, new walking programs are being featured—with a twist. Cape Breton Nordic has hit the ground walking by taking advantage of the open green space at the Seaview Golf and Country Club.

Why Nordic walking?

Nordic walking is a whole-body workout that can be tailored to the intensity that suits the walker by planting the Nordic poles in unison with one’s steps. It has long been a training technique used by high-performance skiers and other athletes in their off-season (but don’t let that scare you away!). The activity is very beginner-friendly and can serve as a more stable and supportive way for those with physical ailments (such as knee issues, arthritis, and multiple sclerosis) to exercise while maintaining balance. The poles allow you to offload some of the weight from your lower body through the activation of your upper body, lessening the impact of steps and engaging your core.

Nordic walking in CBRM

Cape Breton Nordic (CBN) is a community organization that operates out of Seaview in the fall/winter season to do snow activities like cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Before the snow falls, however, the group puts their Nordic poles to use along the cart paths. Through CBN’s partnership with CBRM Recreation, each walk is led by experienced CBN members who provide information about the techniques and benefits of using the poles to support your stride, and how to intensify your workout once you’ve mastered the basics.

The first walk series took place during the month of December. Every Saturday morning for four weeks, a mixed group of brand-new and well-seasoned Nordic walkers met to start their day off right. All equipment is provided for loan, including the walking poles, and ice cleats are offered for those who want a bit of extra grip if sections of the paths are slick.

Interested in trying Nordic walking? Find out how you can get involved in the new year by contacting CBN at [email protected] or CBRM Recreation at [email protected] and walk your way into winter!

For information on staying active this winter visit both groups on Facebook: Cape Breton Nordic and CBRM is Active for Life.

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    1. Hi Debbie! With all of the snow, CB Nordic has opened up their equipment loans (snowshoes, XC) on site at Seaview. However if you are particularly interested in the Nordic poles, we could get you in touch with them and organize a loan, or a walk at Lingan. -Chelsea ([email protected])

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