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Simple ways to get active this Earth Day

Earth Day is an international event that happens each year on April 22. It commemorates the birth of the environmental-protection movement, which started in 1970, and helps to bring more awareness to protecting the planet.

Getting your kids involved in Earth Day is a step in the right direction for a better world and a healthier future! With that in mind, here are a few ways to introduce your kids to Earth Day—and get them moving at the same time.  

Go plogging

Spring brings melting snow in many areas of Canada, and with it comes plenty of litter. One of the simplest ways you and your children can help the planet is to take a stroll through your neighbourhood with a bag in hand. But if you want to take your walk up a notch, plogging is the way to go. Never heard of it? The word comes from the combination of the Swedish term “plocka up” (pick up) and jogging. It’s basically an opportunity to run around, have fun, and help clean up the environment while you’re at it. Intrigued? Read more about it right here.

Make a game of cleaning up

Getting out in the fresh air is a great way to get active as the spring weather turns warmer. If you want to challenge your kids more, try incorporating short activities or games during your outdoor clean-up time.

Every time they find a piece of trash, they can:

  • Take three big jumps over cracks in the sidewalk
  • Do 10 lunge-walks on each block 
  • Walk with high-knee marching steps five times

Explore the outdoors

Another way to get your children outside and active on Earth Day is by helping them learn more about nature. When kids become aware of their surroundings, they show more empathy and interest. Head to your local park (by foot or by bike) and see how many types of wildlife your child can spot and identify. From birds to squirrels to your neighbour’s dog, there’s plenty to explore outside the house. 

You can stress how important clean water is for the animals of the world. Tell them what happens if birds don’t have trees to live in. Bring more awareness about the planet and its inhabitants. This information can help the future generation learn ways to protect it. And, as some studies suggest, when a child combines outdoor movement with learning, they become more engaged in their learning and become more imaginative too.

That makes Earth Day the ideal opportunity for you and your kids to get outside and get moving while learning about helping the planet. Have fun. And happy Earth Day!

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