Join the movement to #ERASEbullying in sport

Join the movement to #ERASEbullying in sport

If you or your kids have ever been bullied you know how devastating it can be for children and their families.

When bullying occurs in sport, whether it’s an athlete, coach, volunteer, or official being targeted, the effects are equally harmful and it can cause people to want to quit doing something they love.

According to the not-for-profit organization viaSport British Columbia:

  • 94% of B.C. sports organizations surveyed believe sport bullying is a serious problem that needs to be addressed.
  • 55% of B.C. sports organizations surveyed say they know of athletes who have dropped out of sport because of bullying.
  • 44% of B.C. sports organizations surveyed say they know of officials, coaches, managers, board members, and other volunteers who left a sport due to bullying.

viaSport British Columbia and the Government of B.C. are committed to ensuring that “participants at every level of sport are aware that bullying of any form cannot be tolerated.”

The campaign video, which promotes an inclusive, safe, positive sport culture for all of British Columbia, features Olympians, Paralympians, professional athletes and more all speaking up to erase bullying in Sport.

This is a goal that everyone involved in sport in Canada needs to share. Will you take the pledge to #ERASEbullying in sport today?

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