5 fun and active trampoline games

5 fun and active trampoline games

With some creativity, trampolines can be used for a lot more than just jumping. Children love to leap, but when you add a variety of activities to the usual jump routine, kids will bounce their way to even more fun.

Safety should always come first, so before your child gets hopping, keep these safety tips in mind:

  • Allow only one child at a time on the trampoline to avoid collision injuries
  • Use a safety net to enclose the trampoline
  • Ensure your trampoline’s mat and netting are free of rips
  • Use shock-absorbing pads to cover the trampoline’s metal frame, springs, and hooks
  • Supervise

Health Canada also offers these safety tips for trampoline use.

Here are five creative games to try on the trampoline:

Keep the ball up

While lying down, standing up, or jumping, how long can your child keep a balloon or beach ball from hitting the ground? Put a twist on the game by having your child use only their feet or head, or a badminton racquet or pool noodle, to keep the ball up.

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Sidewalk chalk games

A box of chalk is a source of endless activities. Have your child unleash their inner Picasso or Warhol to draw their own masterpiece, a selfie, or a family portrait on the jumping surface. Scoot onto the trampoline to draw a hopscotch board for your child or lily pads for your little frog to jump to.

Move like a …

While it’s fun to simply bounce, there are so many other ways that kids can move on a trampoline. Can they gallop like a horse, hop like a bunny, jump like a kangaroo, waddle like a penguin, leap like a frog, or crawl like a bear?

Egg and spoon—plus extra balance

The old tried-and-true party game takes on a whole new twist when played on a trampoline. Instead of risking a yolky mess on your mat, consider using a small ball and a shovel. Or use a baby potato and a spoon to see if your child can balance on the springy surface while getting from one side to the other without dropping their item. If it gets too easy, see if your child can run from one side of the trampoline to the other without dropping their “egg.”

Seat- or knee-drop challenge

A simple trick that kids can master is to drop to their bums or their knees and bounce back up. The bounce doesn’t have to be high. A simple drop is all that’s required. How many times in a row can they do it? Can they alternate seat- and knee-drops?

On a trampoline, kids can jump, throw, draw, dance, balance, and run. It’s a multi-use piece of equipment that offers a multitude of fun.

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