AfL Role Model Heather Gardiner explores the outdoors all year long

AfL Role Model Heather Gardiner explores the outdoors all year long

Heather Gardiner is a mom of a tween, a school program coordinator for a Canadian health-focused charity, and an active community volunteer who loves to help kids get outside and get active!

On her blog Shift Mama, Heather explores raising active, healthy kids through recipes, active outdoor living and more. Heather is a fantastic role model.

Get to know Heather and welcome her to the #AfLfamily.

Q&A with Heather Gardiner

AfL: What is your biggest fear?

Heather Gardiner: Biggest most realistic fear is not being able to keep up with my daughter as she gets older and more active, and I get older and find that bad knees and gravity make it harder to match her energy! Biggest irrational fear: teeny-tiny caves! I had the amazing opportunity as a teen to do some caving and loved the big open caves but could not handle the dark narrow spaces.

AfL: What is your proudest moment?

Heather Gardiner: A few years ago I saw a brochure for a two-day (90 km total) mountain bike fundraising event and registered even though I really had never done a ride longer than 10 km, I had never been to the area, and didn’t know anyone else doing it! I trained, fundraised, and rode the 90 km and loved every minute! It was an amazing feeling to finish that ride!

AfL: What is your favourite way to spend time with family?

Heather Gardiner: In winter I love to spend the day on the ski hill with my family. In summer it’s a toss up between camping with my daughter, and spending the day at one of our favourite beaches in Kelowna.

AfL: What is your favourite season?

Heather Gardiner: Such a tough question – we’re a two season family. In the winter we’re skiing and in the summer we’re camping and spending time on the lake.

AfL: What is your favourite physical activity?

Heather Gardiner: Riding my bike!

AfL: Some other little-known fact about you that you’d like to share?

Heather Gardiner: I would love to learn how to rock climb or boulder.

AfL: Why are you excited to be an AfL Role Model?

Heather Gardiner: I am so excited to be an AfL Role Model because I really love that AfL isn’t about being the best — the top athlete, first across the line, fittest, or strongest — it’s about learning to enjoy activity and exploring all different sports and activities. I’ve never been the “best” at anything but I sure do love all the things that I do and being my best and I love encouraging my friends and family to do the same. This is why I am excited to be part of AfL.

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