Hockey Canada and Active for Life partner with postcards for parents

Hockey Canada and Active for Life partner with postcards for parents

Active for Life and Hockey Canada  have partnered around the idea that the sport of hockey needs to establish a new normal in Canada.

One of the keys to improving the game is the long-term player development (LTPD) pathway developed by Hockey Canada. LTPD gets kids doing the right things at the right time in their development so they have fun, love hockey, and become not just hockey players, but complete athletes.

Postcard created by Active for Life and Hockey CanadaAs Hockey Canada delivers the programming and resources coaches and hockey associations need to improve the way the game is brought to kids, AfL focuses on educating parents on why the LTPD model is better for all kids.

The latest endeavour in this partnership is a postcard that will spread this important message. Written in plain language, the postcard will be distributed to parents through different channels in an effort to raise awareness of the benefits of the LTPD approach.

“We are improving the system from the grassroots up, while Hockey Canada is doing the same from the top down,” said Richard Monette, AfL’s editor-in-chief.

“The collaboration between Hockey Canada and Active for Life demonstrates the tremendous benefits of likeminded partners working to provide positive messaging about the benefits of leading an active and healthy lifestyle,” said Paul Carson, vice president of hockey development for Hockey Canada. “The importance of multi-sport participation will lead to increased athleticism and provide youth with the skills and tools to be successful in so many aspects of daily living.”

If you’re interested in getting these cards in your hockey community, contact your provincial branch and ask for them:

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