Hockey Canada president suggests kids take a break from hockey this summer

Tom Renney wants your kids to take a break from hockey this summer. In a new video he is very explicit about this, asking parents to, “please understand the value of multi-sport participation.”

For years, Renney coached some of the best hockey players in the world. Taylor Hall, Jordan Eberle, and Magnus Paajarvi in Edmonton with the Oilers. Henrik Lundvist and Jaromir Jagr in New York with the Rangers. Trevor Linden, Pavel Bure, Markus Naslund, and Mark Messier with the Vancouver Canucks.

“To a man, the great players that I’ve had the opportunity to be around, to watch, and in many cases, coach, have all participated in other sports,” he says.

Now, Renney is the president and CEO of Hockey Canada. Along with the smartest minds in hockey, he sets the program for the game in Canada, ensuring that young players get the best instruction and our country can continue to be among the competitive best.

The importance of multi-sport participation for kids is a message that has become resounding lately, and for good reason. Everything we know about how kids develop and what’s good for them tells us that kids need to change it up.

Renney wants kids to keep playing and to keep active, and suggests that kids benefit from expanding their minds and using their “physical assets in a completely different way.”

Over the course of the last hockey season, Renney has been issuing inspirational and instructional videos. This is his last one until the fall. He’s taking a break, too.

He doesn’t suggest that you have to stop loving and thinking about hockey. Just that you, and your kids, do something else for a few months,

What is it that you and your kids will do?

6 responses to “Hockey Canada president suggests kids take a break from hockey this summer

  1. I believe it depends on the amount of on ice time the players receive in the winter months. Gretzky advocated Kids playing many sports off season, but then again he was on his backyard rink, and at the arena many hours each day during hockey season.
    Many countries have their advanced hockey players training year round. In hockey, as other sports repetition is very important. I think recreationally hanging up the skates in the summer is fine. But at advanced levels, keep em on the ice, as well as play other sports on days off.

  2. The only this has a chance to happen is if it is mandated. Even modified ice hockey has grumblers in the GTA (notably the NYHL) after it has been mandated for well over a year now. There has to be teeth to these mandates and clubs that draw players only during that sports regular season should get funding from the NSO and Sport Canada.

  3. I agree wholeheartedly! Kids won’t bring the same energy and excitement into a new hockey season without taking a break. Over the last couple years, our son has moved from houseleague, to AE, and now to AA. While it’s tempting to work on his hockey skills leading up to this AA season, we are doing what we’ve always done – hauled the hockey gear to the basement and brought up the soccer, swim, and basketball gear for the summer. He will improve his endurance, speed, strength, agility, and team skills – all without putting on the skates. Summer is for sunshine and open spaces with friends. I think he will start this upcoming season with a little more excitement because he’s had a good break.

  4. Hello,
    Great and educational video. I currently have my 8 year old son enrolled in lacrosse, ball hockey and summer baseball.

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