AfL’s top active toy picks for the 2018 holiday season

AfL’s top active toy picks for the 2018 holiday season

The holidays are fast approaching and Active for Life would like to help you with your shopping list! Put down that eggnog, step away from that cozy fire (you can come back to it later), and pick up some wonderful games and toys which will keep you and those kids on your list moving, developing skills, and having fun.

For the wee ones on your list

Froggy Ball

With a squishy body to squeeze, handles to grasp, beads to move, and a rattle ball inside the toy to encourage shaking, this frog has a multitude of features to promote and develop motor strength. And since it also makes a very cute ball, as babies grow, they’ll be able to roll and chase it across the floor.

Kids ages 6 months + / Price $15.00

Sassy Wonder Wheel

The Sassy Wonder Wheel is an engagingly-coloured toy which has babies reaching, pulling, spinning, and batting. Bright balls make a soft rattling sound to keep babies attentive. With a suction cup on the bottom, babies can play with the wheel in multiple locations.

Kids ages 6 months + / Price $8.99

Batter Up & Bowl Sports Arena

Gift the fun of multi-sport with a toy that offers babies and toddlers the chance to experience both baseball and bowling. The electronic centre has kids hitting baseballs with a bat and knocking down pins with a bowling ball. With lights, music, and encouraging voices, the sports arena is a toy in which kids will be easily engaged.

Kids ages 12-36 months / Price $33.99

First Play Frolicking Frog Wooden Pull Toy

Toddlers will fall in love with this engaging colourful, polka-dot frog. As kids move around and pull on the frog’s string, the wooden amphibian “follows” behind, bouncing, jiggling, and opening its mouth.

Kids ages 18 months + / Price $19.99

Super-Duper-Spinner Swing

With a disc 40” in diameter and strong enough to hold up to 650 pounds, multiple kids (and adults) can swing and/or spin the day away. The swing can be hung on a swing set or from a tree and with a small hole in the middle of the disc, there’s no risk of rain pooling up and making for soggy rides!

Kids ages 3+ / Price $89.99

Sticky Mitts

This classic game of throw and catch has the typical Velcro replaced with a sticky surfaced eight-sided mitt and a squishy ball. The greatest feature of these mitts? The mitts and balls are only sticky with each other so unlike the classic Velcro version, the balls and mitts won’t pick up fluff. It’s a perfect game for kids to develop their throwing and catching skills either indoors or out.

Kids ages 3+ / Price $14.99


Get the whole family together and be ready for some fast-paced fun with this card-based game. Movez is a combination of charades, a scavenger hunt, and actions. A great game for the snowiest or rainiest days!

Kids ages 3+ (3-103!) / Price $19.95

Little Tikes Sport Pedal Racer

Little ones will be thrilled to take the wheel in this pedal-powered roadster. With an adjustable seat back, the racer will grow with your child making it a toy they can use for years. Kids can go as slowly or as quickly as they’d like as they pedal and use turning handles for light turns.

Kids ages 3 to 7 / Price $119.95

For your favourite school-aged kids

Petzl Tikkid Headlamp

While the number of hours of daylight are far fewer in the winter, there’s still plenty of fun to be had in the great outdoors whether it be snowshoeing or playing a game of after-dinner ball hockey. A headlamp is a perfect solution for lighting up the night while keeping kids’ hands free for whatever activity in which they want to partake. With only one button to push, this headlamp is extremely kid-friendly!

Kids ages 4+ / Price $32.00

Hearthsong Fantasy Fort

Kids love to build forts and with connectable panels that can be easily attached and moved when plans change, the Fantasy Fort is the perfect kit for any budding architect (or any kid who likes to build, hang out with their friends, laugh, dream, and play). The panels are durable so can be used indoors or out.

Kids ages 4+ / Price $39.98 – $69.98

Chalktivity Ball Saltarina

Take sidewalk chalk play to a whole new level with a ball that gets filled with non-toxic chalk. As kids bounce the ball, masterpieces are made. Mix and match colours and kids will turn driveways or sidewalks into unique works of art.

Kids ages 4+ / Price $17.57

Peda Yoga Cards

Kids can create their own yoga session with the use of these fun and colourful cards from Peda Yoga, a Quebec-based company. With more than 30 pose cards and emotions cards, kids can learn the basics by copying either just the photos of cartoon animals in poses and/or read the descriptions of the movements in both English and French.

Kids ages 4 – 8 years / Price $24.95

Atlas Junior Sprout / Junior Spark Snowshoes

Getting out and enjoying all that nature has to offer in the winter is made easy and fun with these comfortable, durable, and stable snowshoes. The sole of the shoes also have great grip and fun designs so kids can stomp and make snowflakes.

Kids ages 4 to 8, 8 to 12 / Price $79.99, $99.99

Oumers Beginner Slackline Kit

A slackline is a perfect activity for kids to develop and improve balance and coordination skills. Easy to set up between trees or other sturdy structures, the line is fully adjustable and is made of low-stretch material, making it ideal for beginners.

Kids ages 5+ / Price $64.98

LED Badminton Set

Have fun year-round with a game that will keep kids active even after the sun has set. With two oversized, lightweight, foam-handled rackets, and a neon birdie which flashes multicoloured lights, kids will have fun outside well into the evening.

Kids ages 5+ / Price $35.43

Funky Chicken

If you’re looking for a game that will get the whole family moving and laughing, look no further than Funky Chicken. The card game has everyone playing their cards at once. When two players’ cards match, they must perform the dance action on their card before discarding it. Players Bump, Swing, Spin, and, of course, do the Funky Chicken dance in this hilarious game of lively fun.

Kids ages 6+ / Price $19.99

Door Pong

Love ping pong but don’t have space for a table? Attach the Door Pong clamp to any door frame, adjust the string with the ball attached to the desired length, and hit the ball back and forth. Who needs a games room when you can have a game in any room?

Kids ages 6+ / Price

Hey! Play! Kid’s Gardening Kit

Kids will love to get their hands dirty with these kid-sized, durable, and colourful garden tools. With a shovel, fork, rake, gloves and watering can, kids can pretend they’re planting their own fruits and vegetables, or they can dig right in and help with the actual gardening work.

Kids ages 6+ / Price $36.11

The Big Winter Unicorn Snow Tube

While unicorns may be legendary creatures, you will be the legendary gift giver when you wrap up the ultimate toboggan. Inflate, find a snowy hill, and enjoy the ride on this ultra-durable and cushy snow tube. Climbing up and gliding down hills will keep kids happily moving. And at the end of the season, simply deflate, fold up, and store the tube in a much smaller space than a traditional sled would use.

Kids ages 8+ / Price $29.99


Do you have a kid on your list who is trying to decide between a skateboard and a scooter? The MorfBoard is is a like a Transformer for rideable toys. With a simple 90-degree turn of two extensions, the board converts easily from a scooter to a skateboard and back again. Both are great devices for developing balancing skills while running and twisting.

Kids ages 8+ / Price $99.99 (Balance and Bounce extensions available for $39.99 each)

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  1. I love the ideas and thoughts on economical and educational gifts for children.. I just love all the options. My grandchildren are worthy of learning while playing and I can get busy creating educational gifts through these possibilities. That once were too..just a toy or a reading of knowledge.

  2. I highly recommend the Atlas Sprout snowshoes!!!! They’re super awesome! For bigger kids, though, I recommend Tubbs Flex or any composite 19″ snowshoes (Tubbs doesn’t appear to make the 19″ composite ones anymore) rather than the aluminum frames.

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