A collage of Indigenous athletes throughout history.

Celebrate and learn more about Indigenous athletes this month

June is a time for celebrations—from graduations to Father’s Day to Pride and even the arrival of summer. And another very important celebration taking place this month is National Indigenous Peoples Day. 

Happening on June 21, National Indigenous Peoples Day is an important opportunity for adults and children alike to learn more about the cultures, voices, experiences, and histories of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples.

Remarkable Indigenous athletes

One great way to celebrate is to learn more about Indigenous athletes in history and their rich backgrounds and stories at indigenousheroes.ca

On the site, you’ll find stories, videos, and resources that parents and caregivers can share with their children. In addition, educators can also find activities—themed around air, land, and water—that can be shared with students.

The website, a part of Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame, features 14 remarkable Indigenous Hall of Famers and Tom Longboat Award winners who have helped build Canada through sport. 

As Chief Wilton Littlechild states in the intro to the site: “Reconciliation is about ‘having good relations’ and the more we know about each other and the more we work together, building on the strengths of each other, the more united and stronger Canada, ‘our home and native land’ will be.”

To explore for yourself, visit indigenousheroes.ca.

Photo: Indigenous Sport Heroes Education Experience

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