Introducing Active Start: A helpful resource for parents of little ones

Introducing Active Start: A helpful resource for parents of little ones

From the very beginning, from the minute we cradle our little ones in our arms, feel their soft bodies and inhale their sweet scent, it feels like there’s nothing more important than ensuring they have the best in life.

We want them to grow up happy and healthy, independent and confident. We, as parents, just want the best for them. But between feeding and sleeping and milestones and everything else we need to keep track of, there’s a lot to remember. 

It is clear that physical activity is crucial for the well-being of our children. It’s not only essential to their physical health, but in their mental health as well. 

And developing a lifelong love of movement and activity in your child starts now, when they’re babies. (Yes, really.)

What can you do as a parent?

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That’s why we, fellow parents at Active for Life, feel passionate about the launch of Active Start. Our new series of newsletters is tailored specifically to the age of your baby or toddler with activities and tips for you—busy parents who could use a little help every now and again.

As your child progresses from crawling and climbing to running and jumping, Active Start will show you how to keep them engaged in fun and active play, which will help them develop the habits that will keep them moving and active for life.    

The secret is a blend of curiosity, skills and confidence, along with providing them with plenty of opportunities to move every day. Sound complicated? Don’t worry, we’ve made it very simple and fun for you. And we’ll be right there with you as you raise your healthy, active child.

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