Keep kids moving this season with our top active toy picks

Keep kids moving this season with our top active toy picks

The holidays are right around the corner and it’s time to go shopping! The Active for Life team has put together our picks for active toys, kids gardening set varieties and games that will make all the kids on your list happy while encouraging skill development and a love of movement. And, with all the gifts coming in under $40, you can put any savings towards active family outings, adventures, and vacations.

Best buys for babies

These fun finds will encourage motor skills development in the youngest movers in your family.

Earlyears Monkey Basketball

Who could resist this little monkey basketball set for the tiniest “dribblers” on your list? We love that the large, textured balls make different sounds that will encourage babies to pick them up and  put them into the friendly monkey net. Great for developing baby’s basic motor skills.

Kids ages 0+ / Price $29.99

Expandable Tunneltunnel-200

Encourage crawling, fort-building, and active play with this fun, colourful, and durable tunnel. Little ones will love making their way through this tunnel again and again, leading to hours of active play.

Kids ages 1+ / Price $19.99

Hape Pull and Play Snail Shape Sortersnail-sorter-200

Talk about multi-tasking. This pull-along snail gets kids moving and helps them learn to recognize shapes and colours at the same time. Plus, this hard-working toy is brightly coloured, adorable, and will be a quick favourite among the toddler set.

Kids ages 1+ / Price $34.99

Active presents for preschoolers

Kids will be having too much fun to care whether they are developing balance, throwing, striking, hopping, coordination, and agility.

Monster BowlingMonster-bowling-200

This quirky bowling set is another great find that can be used for both active and imaginative play. When they are bowling, this game will help little ones develop balance, coordination, and dexterity. They can also make up stories using the friendly monsters that double as bowling pins.

Kids ages 2+ / Price $28.25

Hape Skinny Legs Tossspiderweb-game-200

These not-so-itsy-bitsy spiders are helping kids develop throwing skills and improve hand-eye coordination as they toss the brightly coloured, long-legged spiders onto their web. Perfect for kids to play alone or in groups, inside or outside!

Kids ages 3+ / Price $16.99

Indoor Snowball Batsnowbat-200

Whatever the weather, kids will have fun swinging at these machine-washable snowballs that won’t melt or make a mess. This toy helps to develop striking and hand-eye coordination skills.

Kids ages 3+ / Price $21.99

Hopscotch Carpetindoor-hopscotch-200

Hopscotch is one of the best games kids can play to develop a whole host of skills like hopping, balance, throwing, coordination, and agility. And now, kids can play year round with this colourful, durable, and – best of all – washable, indoor hopscotch carpet.

Kids ages 3-10 / Price$39.99

School-age scores

Make the four-and-up crowd happy this holiday season with presents that will get them moving, indoors or out.

Ninja Rope Ladder 8

A great addition to any backyard! Kids who love to climb will love this classic 8-foot rope ladder that goes around a tree without needing any hardware. Make your playspace a neighbourhood attraction with this fun ninja rope.

Kids ages 4-adult / Price $29.95

Tucker E-Z Grip Ball Assortedgrip-ball-200

Perfect for any playroom, car trunk, or activity bag, this ball is designed to be easy to catch, throw, and kick. It’s waterproof and will bounce on grass, sand, and water. Take it to the park, pool, beach, or backyard for hours of fun.

Kids ages 5+ / Price $15.99

Ideal Sno Art Spray N’ Stencilssnow-spray-200

Here’s an inventive way to get reluctant kids to spend more time outside this winter: a kit that let’s them spray paint the snow! While they are out there we’re guessing they’ll spend time running around, rolling in the snow, throwing snowballs, and enjoying everything winter has to offer.

Kids ages 5+ / Price $34.99

SwimWays Star Wars Lightsaber Light-Up Dive Stickssnow-sabres-200

These light-up diving toys will delight Star Wars fans while getting them into the water all year round. Each pack
includes two dive sticks so grab your suit, towel, and a friend and head over your community pool for a swimming playdate.

Kids ages 5+ / Price $17.99

Sturdy Birdy: The Game of Perfect Balancesturdy-bird-game-200

This game will appeal to board game lovers and get everyone striking balancing poses as they play. “Roll the dice together to determine where on your body to balance the seed bag and for how long you must hold the pose. Everybody counts while you try your best not to fall!” Kids will develop balance, coordination, and core strength all while having a blast. A great idea for family game night!

Kids ages 5+ / Price $28.05

Jumparoo Air Pogo Jumperpogo-ball-200

This new toy on the market is sure to get kids hopping excited this holiday season. They can bounce, jump, and spin, indoors or out, while developing balance, coordination, strength, and endurance.

Kids ages 6+ (with a weight limit up to 160 lbs.) / Price $32.27

FunSlides Carpet Skatescarpet-skates-200

Kids (and even adults) who love to watch Olympic skating can skate along while watching their heroes compete this winter with these carpet skates. These fun indoor skates will help them develop balance, coordination, and agility. Gripper grooves on the toes will help with quick stops and keep everyone (and breakables) safe.

Kids ages 6+ / Price $26.65

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