Kids and teens watching less TV, getting more exercise

Kids and teens watching less TV, getting more exercise

At Active for Life we review many articles, research papers, and studies about the level of physical activity, sport participation, and health in children. Most of them are negative. Quite frankly, it can be discouraging to keep reading about kids being worse off every day.

But maybe things are getting better? A while ago we found a Reuters story that trumpeted good news from the U.S.

According to a report published in the journal Pediatrics, American kids and teens are watching slightly less television and getting slightly more exercise compared to children and teens from 10 years ago.

According to Reuters, “The researchers found ‘encouraging’ trends on measures of most diet and lifestyle habits.”

Do you think the same trends are taking place at this very moment in Canada? Maybe we are at the beginning of a turnaround in children’s health?

It sure feels good to share some good news for a change.

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