Increasing medals with Active for Life

Increasing medals with Active for Life

There’s always room for improvement in sport. With 18 medals at London, Canada had an impressive showing, despite our country’s increasing decline when it comes to staying active.

Experts and sport fans alike are questioning how Canada can continue to grow their medal count at games to come. One suggestion is providing more funding for elite sports. The other? Insuring every young Canadian gets active and stays active for life, as is suggested by two childhood obesity experts in a commentary piece for the Globe and Mail.

If we ensured that our children grew up with a love of physical activity, we would improve their health and save health-care dollars down the road. We would also increase the ranks of fit and athletic young Canadians. In doing so we would have more youth entering elite sporting programs and improve the chances of recruiting future medalists. This is the golden future we should strive for. Read more

Active for Life has already begun this movement. Sure, a few more medals would be ideal, but a nation of healthy and active citizens lasts for life. Who knows, maybe there are more Olympians than ever just waiting to be discovered.

How is your family getting active for life?

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