Kids can harmonize music and movement with DrumFIT

Kids can harmonize music and movement with DrumFIT

There are some things in life that just go together.

Winter and hockey.
Trees and climbing.
Music and drumming.

Any car performer will tell you (and I consider myself to be one), that when the right song plays the fingers can’t help but drum along. For kids, drumming and music is a creative and energetic outlet that, when harmonized with movement, forms an activity unlike anything taught in school before, DrumFIT.

Combining the creativity of music class with the energy of physical education, students receive the benefits of both disciplines while having fun. We’ve seen a combination like this before when Dutch researchers discovered that adding movement to math class created a better learning environment and ultimately better test results.

Unlike some of the traditional sports and activities taught in Phys Ed class, DrumFIT is non-competitive and students of any athletic ability can participate. It’s more than just great exercise, though, because during DrumFIT children also develop fine motor skills, coordination, and complex movement abilities that all contribute to better physical literacy.

You’ll notice in this news segment about DrumFIT that “there’s no wrong way to drum and all of the kids can just be who they want to be and just have fun.” Teachers are noticing a decrease in behavioural issues, an increase in productivity, and the regulation of emotions after introducing the drumming program. With benefits like these, it’s hard to imagine an activity that could beat DrumFIT.

Why not get DrumFIT started in your child’s school today?

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