“My Active Kid” Video Contest

“My Active Kid” Video Contest

Kids are amazing — they play soccer, hockey, baseball, tennis, they ski, skateboard climb, run and jump. There is no end to what a healthy child can do. They are amazing because they are physically literate. As toddlers, they learn fundamental movement skills; as they get older they show how they are adapting those skills to a variety of activities and sports.

Are your kids active in a variety of sports or activities such as dance, gymnastics and swimming? Here’s a chance to show others why physical literacy is a key part of a healthy childhood. Show us how they are doing it. Tell us their story in a short video and you’ll be entered in a draw to win some Lululemon gear. We’ll put the best videos on our YouTube page.

How to get started? Show us the variety of sports your children participate in; or talk about the program or activity that got your kid moving; introduce us to the coach who had an approach to sport that emphasized fun and skill development, which made all the difference; or share with other parents some techniques, tricks and wisdom on how to raise physically literate kids.

You don’t need a fancy video camera. Use your Flip, your iPhone or other mobile device.
And you can shoot anywhere: in your home, in the backyard or on the field.
Videos should be between one and two minutes in length.

Your kids are an inspiration, and your video could be the spark for other parents who want to give their children the right start in sports

How to upload a video to YouTube:

  1. Save your video to your computer. If you want, use your preferred program to edit your video.
  2. Create a YouTube account. (If you have a Google account, you’ve got a YouTube account. Use your Google username and password to log in.)
  3. Click on “Upload” at the top of the screen.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  5. Send us an email with the link to your YouTube video.
  6. Please note that by entering this contest, you grant us permission and license to use your video on our YouTube website and in our future publications.

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