Two children collect eggs on the grass at a neighbourhood easter egg hunt.

Our neighbourhood egg hunt saves me from creating my own Easter extravaganza

Full disclosure: If it were up to me, Easter at our house would probably be a bit of a disappointment.

For some reason I just can’t seem to get it together around this holiday. Maybe it’s because my family didn’t celebrate it when I was a kid so it’s not in my DNA. Christmas comes more naturally probably because of all the movies, TV specials, and Christmas-celebrating friends that I grew up with.

But really when it comes to all holidays, I’m more of a “bring-it-down-a-notch” kind of a gal.

Luckily for me, for about the last five years some of the pressure to create Easter magic has been eased by our awesome neighbourhood Easter egg hunt.

Not only does it get me off the hook, it’s also a fantastic way for the kids to get lots of great outdoor physical activity time while having a blast with their friends.

Everyone donates a few dollars that go toward little treat bags for each kid. The morning of the hunt, several of us wake up early and, coffee mugs in hand, hide eggs in the park across the street.

The kids, excited, show up at the park with their baskets ready to spring into action. And because we’re at a park there’s lots of room for running and climbing (for eggs hidden higher up in trees, for example) and the big kids always help the little ones.

The Easter Bunny makes an annual appearance to the delight of many (and to the horror of some of the wee ones; just picture a grown-up-sized bunny costume and you’ll get the vibe) and after everyone’s had a chance to high five the EB we keep the kids moving with active games and fun activities.

My kids love it and I will always be grateful to my neighbours for the memories, the fun, and for saving me from having to create an Easter extravaganza of my own.

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