Nike launches ‘Designed to Move’ program in U.S.

“We are designed to move,” is the refrain of a new campaign being led by Nike. It plays off the Nike slogan that if you have a body, you are an athlete.

Designed to Move is itself a movement, supported by a number of U.S. institutions such as the American College of Sports Medicine and the International Council of Science & Physical Education, promoting physical activity as a path to health and success.

The time is certainly right.

A report [PDF] published at Designed to Move shows a number of disturbing trends surrounding physical inactivity, including the claim that vehicles and technology have replaced the need for human movement. Coincidentally, it finds, physical activity is disappearing from daily lives.

The report states that in recent generations, physical activity rates around the world have fallen drastically: more people now die from physical inactivity than from smoking. It also describes the economic impact of physical inactivity, which cost the U.S. alone $147 billion in 2008.

The Designed to Move public service announcement offers a bold reminder of what kids can gain from being active.

In the U.S., more people now die from physical inactivity than from smoking.



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