‘Let Me Play’: 1995 Nike ad still relevant today

‘Let Me Play’: 1995 Nike ad still relevant today

Digital pets, beanie babies, and the original Nicktoon shows may be gone, but some trends connected to children in the ’90s still hold true today. Some of them can be found in the statistics recited in a Nike commercial over 17 years ago.

Originally aired August 30, 1995, the “Let Me Play” ad features children from different backgrounds citing ways playing sports positively influences their happiness, health and social habits.

“If you let me play sports, I’ll have more self-confidence,” says one child.

“I’ll be less likely to be influenced by gang members,” says another.

The ad closes with a number of kids repeating, “If you let me play sports, I will know what it means to be strong.”

Children growing up today face the same challenges children growing up in the ’90s did, and playing sports still helps them face each one. Speaking to both the timelessness and universality of the effect of sports on children, the “Let Me Play” ad may be old, but one thing it’s not is outdated.

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