Active for Life is a national initiative helping parents raise happy, healthy kids. Our purpose is to educate, inspire, and support Canadian parents in helping kids develop physically literacy. These eight articles will explain, in simple terms, what physical literacy is, and why it’s so important for your children.

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What’s physical literacy? Here’s what you need to know

The What, Why and How of Physical Literacy, and how parents can easily incorporate it into their children’s daily lives.

9 ways to tell if your child is physically literate

These simple questions help parents assess physical literacy in children according to fundamental movement skills that are considered essential elements of child physical literacy.

10 ways raising a physically literate child is like raising a reader

Both literacy and physical literacy are crucial ingredients to the proper development of your kids. Just remember to keep each one age appropriate and fun. Like any skill, with repetition both will become second nature.

Why specializing early in one sport is a bad idea

Athlete and sport specialization is a hot topic in long term athlete development for parents who want to pressure their children to become superstar professional athletes, but they should look at late specialization, sport sampling and early diversification rather than early specialization in sport.

10 ways to encourage your kids to love moving

If you want your child to lead an active and healthy life, here are 10 ways to get them on the right path, from building physical activity into your family’s daily routine, to spending more time outdoors.

10 easy ways you can add physical literacy to your kids’ daily routine

Here are some simple ways for your kids to practice fundamental movement skills, and to make them a part of their daily routine around the house.

Active for Life’s fun, skill-building activities

More than 50 fun, skill-building activities you can do anywhere.

Physical literacy checklists

Explore our four checklists that will help you target the basic physical literacy skills that your child should be mastering at each age.