Safety hacks for kids’ active play

Safety hacks for kids’ active play

From parking lots to playgrounds, children will play anywhere they get the chance. They can’t help it—play is part of kids’ DNA.

It’s important for parents to keep kids safe and coach them on how to assess the risks around them. This challenge is made easier by sharing little “hacks” that set age-appropriate limits for children without getting in the way of their play.

Actress Kristen Bell (the voice of Anna in Frozen) popularized one of her #safetyhacks when she uploaded a photo of her children with their “hands on the circle!” In the caption, Bell explained the technique that keeps her energetic daughters safe while she unloads the family car: she tells them both to place one hand on the vehicle’s gas cap.

Her simple (yet genius) parenting tip quickly went viral, and began a lively conversation online about safety when it matters most. Since Bell posted her photo, parents have been sharing their own #safetyhacks for active children. Here are a few of our favourite tips and tricks:

  • A fun bracelet made with pony beads that includes a phone number to reach the parents if a child wanders off in a crowded place.
  • Chalk boundaries on a driveway that show kids where it’s safe to play.
  • If a pair of non-slip shoes aren’t possible to find, some parents have created their own with hot glue.
  • Dress groups of kids in the same colour to improve visibility at a busy park. (My mom did this for my seventh birthday—I chose orange and black!)
  • Staying indoors for the day? Check out these online safety tips from a digital expert.

Keeping kids safe while encouraging active outdoor play is important to us. What are your favourite #safetyhacks?

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