Study finds that smartphones in the bedroom impact kids’ sleep even when they are off

Just like any recipe, there are essential ingredients to getting a restful sleep. Daily physical activity, consistent night time routines, and a dark bedroom are all healthy habits that put the GOOD in goodnight. Putting down devices before bed is important, but as one recent study shows, simply switching to “sleep mode” is not conducive to sleep.

One scientific review, in particular, has recently surfaced. Researchers from the UK found that children who have access to a smartphone or tablet in their bedroom at night, even if they don’t use it, are less likely to get a good night’s sleep and more likely to be drowsy the next day.

Dr. Ben Carter, research lead, suggests that close proximity to social media leaves children (and teens) “switched on.” The anticipation of receiving a message or temptation to continue playing a game keep kids engaged and alert when the lights are turned out.

Dr. Carter’s findings add to the existing knowledge of screen time at bedtime, and “provides further proof of the detrimental effect of media devices on both sleep duration and quality.” To save you from sifting through the extensive review, here’s one takeaway we can all agree (and act) upon:

Power down phones and tablets 90 minutes before bedtime and keep them out of the bedroom.

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