SnowPass gives kids hundreds of days of skiing for only $30

SnowPass gives kids hundreds of days of skiing for only $30

Editor’s note: This article was updated on Feb. 26, 2020.

It’s not exactly free, but the SnowPass comes close.

The SnowPass program, coordinated by the Canadian Ski Council, gives all Canadian kids in grade 4 and 5 an opportunity to get two days on each participating slope, all for only $29.95. More than 150 ski areas across Canada are part of the SnowPass program.

All kids like to slide on snow. Its one of the most basic sources of pleasure in the winter, besides carving turns on the ice.

Every child needs an opportunity to slide on snow. They can do it lying down on a crazy carpet, sitting on a luge or standing on skis or on a snowboard. After a little practice, kids will the hang of shifting their weight around to turn with confidence. That is where the life long snow sliding addiction begins.

“Introducing children to skiing and snowboarding at an early age gives them lifetime access to these healthy winter sports,” says Patrick Arkeveld, who heads up the Council. “It keeps them fit, less prone to obesity, and outside and active during the winter months. Better yet, skiing and snowboarding are sports kids can do with the entire family for a lifetime.”

Kids can hike to ski or snowboard any snow covered mound, but there will come a time when the chairlift becomes a necessity rather than a luxury. That’s where the SnowPass really comes in handy.

And with more than 150 participating areas, your 9- and 10-year-olds could get some 450 days of skiing for only $30.

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The SnowPass card is accepted at 150+ ski/snowboard areas, including:

  • 32 ski areas in British Columbia,
  • 19 ski areas in Alberta,
  • 1 ski area in Saskatchewan,
  • 2 ski areas in Manitoba,
  • 33 ski areas in Ontario,
  • 57 ski areas in Quebec,
  • 8 in Atlantic Canada,
  • 1 in the Yukon.

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16 responses to “SnowPass gives kids hundreds of days of skiing for only $30

  1. So once we get the pass… how do we get the tickets? Do you just show the pass when you are at the hill or what is the process? any help would be appreciated

        1. Thanks for catching that Carmie. I would go with the details on the Snow Pass website. I have updated the text on this page to reflect the current details (2 times instead of 3).

    1. Hi Kory, the pass is for lift tickets so that children can try skiing or snowboarding at a lower cost.

    1. Hi Michelle, this is the only national program we are aware of. If you find something for other age groups, please let us know!

    1. Hi Melanie, as far as we know there are only Canada-wide passes for grades 4-5. But depending on where you live you may find some local deals for your children. Good luck and please let us know if you are successful!

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