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Best of last year: The top Active for Life articles of 2023

It was a good year of activities and games for kids in 2023! At Active for Life, we spent lots of time focused on learning how we can best help you—parents and professionals—discover new ways to get kids active. From physical literacy activities to free printables and lesson plans, you had a lot to explore on our site this year! And with the launch of our new look and navigation, we hope we can engage even more parents, professionals, and the kids they care for in 2024.

Here are a few of the top articles you were reading in 2023:

A mom and her three-year-old stand in their living room, as she holds a hula hoop around his waist. They smile at each other.

Indoor activities for 3 year olds

A theme in 2023 among our readers was babies and toddlers! So it’s no wonder this one was one of our most-read. When you need to stay inside, these ideas can still keep your little ones moving and having fun, too.

Two child hockey players face-off on the ice.

When my son wanted to quit minor hockey

This article struck a chord with readers. It’s tough when our kids choose to stop playing a sport, especially when our lives have been wrapped up in it, too. This personal account was a great reminder that it’s important to listen to your kids when they speak to you about what they want.

A group of school-age children stand around a table at a children's museum watching watching a science experiment. They look excited and in awe.

The coolest children’s museums in Canada

In this list, we highlighted a bunch of awesome children’s museums in Canada where kids are not only allowed to touch and explore their surroundings—they’re encouraged to!

A woman in a blue jacket stands on a bridge in a wetland area and looks into the distance through binoculars.

Unique self-care ideas for people who don’t like self-care

Self-care is wonderful and necessary. But the term itself is not always for everyone. Here, we explore different ways to take care of yourself, because self-care can come in many forms, and what makes you feel the most rested and refreshed is unique to each of us.

A toddler rides her balance bike along a bike path next to a lake. It's an overcast day and she's wearing a bright pink rain jacket.

10 tips for teaching toddlers how to ride a bike

More toddler content! Because toddlers are wonderful little beings, but can be tough to figure out, we put together a list of simple ways to help them learn to ride a bike with confidence. 

A young girl wearing a backpack holds tight to her mom's hand as they stand in front of a school.

Children’s anxiety and the decline of play

An important topic to shed some light on. This well-researched article resonated with a lot of readers this year.

A mom and her son high-five over a pile of folded laundry.

Age-appropriate chores for kids: Building life skills for future success

Chores not only help children develop essential life skills but also foster a sense of teamwork and contribution to the family. And, naturally, when children do chores, they’re moving and expending energy! This article was a win on many levels for our readers.

A grasshopper sits on a little girl's outstretched finger. She looks surprised and delighted.

Spring activities scavenger hunt for kids

There’s nothing like a good fun scavenger hunt. We’ve been doing these for each season, and the spring activities scavenger hunt was a real crowd-pleaser! 

Wishing you and your family a safe and happy holiday season, and we hope you’ll come back often to see what we’re working on in 2024.

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