Wearing Wee Woollies helps my kids stay warm in the cold weather

Wearing Wee Woollies helps my kids stay warm in the cold weather

Kids across Canada are pulling up their snowpants and heading outside this month to play in mountains of white, fluffy snow. And at the same time, parents everywhere are hearing the age-old complaint, “I’m cold!” as their kids stand, faces pressed into sliding glass doors, asking to come inside.

All it takes is a base layer set of Wee Woollies to change everything. At least, that’s how it went for my family.

We’ve been testing out a Wee Woollies pajamas/base layer set here in chilly Toronto and I’m amazed at how warm and comfortable they are for kids.

Made in Canada from 100% superfine New Zealand merino wool, these things are soft. Amazingly soft. And so warm that I don’t think I’ve heard a single complaint about the cold from my daughter since she put them on for the first time. Well, unless it’s to complain that she doesn’t want to take them off. Lucky for her, wool is naturally antibacterial. (A huge bonus of a merino baselayer, by the way.)

Wee Woollies

Product: Superfine merino wool clothing for kids
Manufacturer: Wee Woollies
Price range: $17.99 to $119.99

My daughter just turned seven and has been wearing the size six (she’s on the petite side) very comfortably and almost non-stop since the day they arrived. She’s often quick to complain about anything uncomfortable or itchy, so I’ll admit I was wary of trying her in wool, but she’s a total fan. In fact, I don’t think she’ll ever want to wear anything but her Wee Woollies from now on.

Because we’re talking pure wool, here, the price may be a little higher than some people expect to spend on kids’ clothing. I will say, however, that as a mom of three kids, I’m happy to invest in key pieces I know will last. These will most-certainly be handed down to my younger son once my daughter is done, and beyond that, there will be lucky friends or cousins who benefit from the hand-me-downs, too.

They come in beautiful bright colours (created from kid-safe dyes) and lots of sizes (newborn up to size six), plus wool is naturally fire-resistant, so these pajamas pass fire-safety testing without having to be sprayed down with toxic chemicals. That’s a huge bonus in my book. Wee Woollies also makes great looking beanies for kids who can’t stand the bulkiness of a big hat under a hood on cold days.

So if you’ve got a little one who isn’t a big fan of the cold, Wee Woollies might be the answer to many happy hours of playing outside this winter. And, even better, fewer pleading knocks on the sliding glass door.

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  1. Thanks for the review, Stephanie. I hesitate to try wool as a base layer because of all the potential for itchiness. I will try these for sure now :)

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