Girls’ activity journal returns to Winnipeg for summer 2017

Girls’ activity journal returns to Winnipeg for summer 2017

If you are a Winnipeg parent with a daughter, there’s good news: The Fitness Journal for Girls has returned with a 2017 edition that features even more activities and sports.

The Fitness Journal was launched in 2016 by FIT Communications of Winnipeg to help local girls to get active and stay active throughout the year. Like its predecessor, this year’s edition provides coupons to try different sports and activities, presents weekly physical activity challenges, and includes pages for girls to write about their experiences as they try new sports and activities.

It’s a great way for parents to encourage their girls to get physically active while inflicting little or no pain on the pocket book.

Weekly challenges, prizes, and opportunities

Through partnerships with local sport associations, recreation groups, and businesses, the Journal provides a wide variety of free weekly activity challenges for Winnipeg girls. Examples include “come try it” days for tennis, crossfit, kickboxing, triathlon, and other sports and activities. When girls take each challenge, they get additional opportunities to win gift certificates, clothing, and sporting goods.

All the sport associations, clubs, and businesses participating in the Journal provide either free passes or discount prices on their activities and programming. Depending on the sport or activity and the time of year, girls may receive free classes, discounts on summer camps, or discounts on fall and winter programming.

Plenty of positive feedback

User feedback from the 2016 Fitness Journal has been enthusiastic.

“My daughter and I had such a great time staying active this summer,” said mother Angela Bergmann after summer 2016. “Now that summer is over, I was able to register her for synchronized swimming and I got a discount by using the coupon in the Journal. I look forward to what kinds of activities my girl and I will do together next summer!”

Mark Arndt, the executive director of Tennis Manitoba, highlighted how the journal creates new opportunities for girls.

“The Fitness Journal for Girls is a great way to entice females to experience a sport they otherwise may not have tried,” says Arndt. “For organizations such as Tennis Manitoba, it brings new kids to our sport which, in the end, is our mission—increased participation.”

A labour of love

For the owners of FIT Communications, Andrea Katz and Allison Gervais, the Fitness Journal is a labour of love. Both women have deep roots in sport and physical activity, and they recognize the important role that sport and activity play in shaping the health and confidence of young girls. They are also acutely aware that statistics show Canadian children and youth are increasingly sedentary, especially girls.

“We know we are doing a great thing for girls in our city,” says Katz. “We would love to have the Journal in more hands of girls to benefit from the wonderful things that sport and activity can bring to their lives.”

Parents can purchase the Fitness Journal online for $10 including taxes and shipping, or in store at Aevi Spa Salon Boutique on Taylor Avenue, Swimming Matters on Grant Avenue, and The Yoga Barre on Roblin Avenue.

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