Want to know how your behaviour affects your kids? Watch this video

Maybe you’ve witnessed some awful sideline behaviour at your child’s game. Or maybe you’ve gone a little too far as a spectator, yourself. Inappropriate behaviour from people watching kids play is a problem that many local clubs and sports teams are trying to deal with. It’s natural to get into the game, but as parents and role models, it’s important to be aware of the effect we have as spectators.

Let Kids Be Kids is a tv/web campaign that aims to educate people on how children should be supported on the sports field by those on the sidelines. Originating in New Zealand, campaign videos feature kids and national sporting icons sharing personal stories and remembering what it’s all about: fun and participation!

It’s a fact, winning is awesome. But we know that winning isn’t everything. Playing alongside friends and having fun are more important to kids than victory.

We encourage you to share the Let Kids Be Kids campaign videos with your local clubs and recreation centers, to keep the conversation going and the negativity off the field. Because when kids and spectators have fun, everyone wins.

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