Schools get kids active with 60 Minute Kids’ Club challenge

Schools get kids active with 60 Minute Kids’ Club challenge

This October 15th, elementary schools across Canada can once again join the challenge to get kids active and eating right through a free, fun, school-based program provided by 60 Minute Kids’ Club.

The 30-day Healthy Habit Tracker Fall Challenge involves students using a special online tool to track their weekly activities, screen time, nutrition, hydration, and sleep so they become aware of their lifestyle habits and how their choices impact their wellbeing.

Since 2010, hundreds of schools across Canada have participated in the different Fall, Winter, and Spring Challenges sponsored by 60 Minute Kids’ Club. As students learn about healthy habits and movement, they also compete against other schools to see who can produce the most activity and healthy choices over the 30 days.

Innovative online tool and resources

To track physical activity and healthy habits, 60 Minute Kids’ Club gives schools access to an innovative high-tech online tool where students record their weekly activity and other health choices. There are also online resources and videos for teaching, assessing, and reporting on children’s fundamental movement skills.

At the end of each Challenge, the online tracker tool provides a total aggregate points score for every student and school. The top 10 students at each school receive a prize for being the most physically active and healthy students, while the winning school in each challenge receives a 60 Minute Kids’ Club banner for their school.

Schools that participate in all three Fall, Winter, and Spring challenges in a school year are eligible for a Grand Prize that is oriented to the region where the school is located.

How the program works

The program starts with a school assembly where 60 Minute Kids’ Club presenters speak to students about healthy habits and physical activity. Their fun, interactive presentation includes a short video and an overview of how the Healthy Habit Challenge program works.

As the Challenge gets underway, students and teachers can see how well they’re doing during the 30 days when they access the online Healthy Habit Tracker tool.

After the completion of the 30-day Challenge, 60 Minute Kids’ Club presenters lead a wrap-up assembly that reviews what students learned and celebrates each school’s achievement.

Learn how to register your school

Does this sound like a program you would like to see in your school? You can learn more about this year’s Fall Challenge by emailing the 60 Minutes Kids’ Club or by visiting the website.

Image courtesy 60 Minute Kids’ Club.

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  1. This program looks amazing and would be something I’d love to try at my school. Went through all the info for students, parents and teachers and then found out there’s a large cost – unfortunately, my school would not be able to afford. Was disappointed that this was not shared at the beginning of your information instead of having to find it after getting excited about the program.

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