A baby lies on his stomach on the floor as his dad lies beside him and plays with his toys.

Tummy time tips from Today’s Parent

When my daughter was born, she was given several different vibrating chairs. “Trust me,” said my all-knowing, already-mother friends and relatives, “this will keep your baby happy, so you can take a shower, or just get some peace and quiet from the crying when nothing else works.” It wasn’t a pretty picture, but it was an honest one. Those chairs definitely helped.

Luckily, those same mommy angels also gave me colourful, engaging mats for my daughter to lie on. It was these mats that helped her tolerate tummy, time which is essential, giving babies the opportunity to learn to reach, stretch, crawl, and roll. These motor skills create a foundation for your baby’s physical literacy journey.

Check out this great video from Today’s Parent on the best tummy time tips for your little ones:

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