Active games for April Fool’s Day—or any day you want some extra silly fun

I have many memories of silly pranks I played on my family for April Fool’s Day. I also remember the times I was pranked.

I think our lives, and the world around us, might be just a bit better when filled with this kind of spontaneity and light-heartedness.

Here’s a list of some ideas to get your silly on on April Fool’s Day or any day you want to enjoy the element of surprise, delight, and laughter.

Get creative with some backwards activities

Moving backwards gets us thinking differently, and this is great for our brains. Surprise your friends with some backwards walking or skipping, or try using your non-dominant hand to write or throw a ball. Heck, have some breakfast for dinner.

Make up a crazy story and act it out

Put on a family play that is totally absurd, or enjoy some improv games. You just never know where it might lead you.

Create a crazy dance outside for unexpecting spectators

I loved to make up dances when I was growing up. I can remember my parents teaching me some disco moves and having impromptu family dance parties (which I do with my family today). Why not break out your best moves? You can either do it as a family or you can encourage your kids to bust some moves on those not expecting it.

Walk to the local library in search of some good jokes

Plan a walking adventure to your local library and see what good practical joke books you can find. Look for April Fool’s-themed books to check out.

Make up a game of “It would be wacky if…”

As a family, or in your classroom, write down some funny ideas and then try them out. Here are a few ideas: blow feathers with a straw in your mouth, put some chairs upside down, rearrange furniture, or take your dog for a stroller ride.

Families, classrooms, and communities that have fun together create positive environments leading to greater connections. Why not create some happiness today—and maybe even release some stress—with some surprises and a few good belly laughs?

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