This ad campaign seeks to empower women in soccer

This ad campaign seeks to empower women in soccer

We don’t sell commercial ad space on Active for Life, but once in a while, we recognize advertising campaigns that promote important messages. This is the case with the Visa ad campaign developed for the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup, which started earlier this month.

The campaign video shows a series of female soccer players of all ages, all over the world, experience a moment that bolstered their relationship with soccer. The key message: “One moment can change the game.”

In a recent interview with SportsPro magazine, Suzy Brown, Visa’s marketing director for the U.K. and Ireland, explained:

“Each of these moments show either physical or psychological acceptance, and I think what we very much believe is that cumulatively, these moments of acceptance really do change the game.”

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At a time when too many teenage girls drop out of sport, it is important for parents and coaches to make acceptance and inclusion the norm. It’s critical to help foster these moments when girls (and all kids) discover their love of and commitment to soccer or any other sport or physical activity.

Photo credit: Visa

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