Are your kids getting their DPA (Daily Physical Activity) at school?

Every province has policies and approaches to ensuring kids are active during the school day. For many, schools must commit to providing daily physical activity (DPA).

If you’ve never heard your kids – or their teachers – talk about having DPA it might be time to do a little investigating because its delivery can be hit or miss even though it may be provincially mandated.

Sometimes it is firmly entrenched in the culture of a school. Sometimes it depends on the teacher.

But DPA is important and without it kids may not be moving enough at school, even with phys ed classes and recess. Kids spend a lot of time at school and if regular activity isn’t part of their day, they could be missing out on important opportunities to be active and to develop physical literacy.

If you are a parent concerned about how much your child is moving at school, a good place to start is to look into what the policies are in your province and then request a meeting to discuss with your child’s teacher or the school’s administration.

If you’re not satisfied that the provincial policies are being met, the next step may be to find some like-minded parents and start advocating for the school to start providing DPA and programs to develop physical literacy.

OPHEA (Ontario Physical Education Association) has some great tips for educators that will help them make DPA a priority.

You can also advocate for physical literacy at school with this letter.

With parents and educators working together to get kids moving, we have a better chance of giving all kids a healthy and active start.

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