What kind of sport activities are best for kids?

What kind of sport activities are best for kids?

Q: I see ads for exercise programs geared at kids. Some do things like sit-ups and push-ups. Is this really necessary for children? What kinds of activities and exercises should I be looking at?

If you have children between the ages of 5 and 10, you should look for a kids’ multi-sport program that focuses on fun, skills, games and physical literacy.

If your child enjoys doing sit-ups and push-ups, there’s nothing wrong with those activities. But children shouldn’t have to do menial exercises just to get “in shape.” Fitness is a natural by-product of any good program.

If your child hasn’t already shown an interest in a particular sport (or a vigorous activity like dance or gymnastics), a good multi-sport program will give them a taste of what they can do.

When kids have a chance to try six or seven different sports, most find one they really love. Then they’re ready to register in that sport and keep going.

Your recreation centre likely offers multi-sport programs for kids. (If it doesn’t, share this article with them about an especially good program.) Your child’s school might even have them after school. Sportball is another organization that runs great multi-sport programs across Canada.

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