All ages can learn to skate through Back2Basics program

Learning how to ice skate is a common rite of passage for most Canadians. Do you remember how it felt when you were first able to skate on your own? The crisp air on your face as you glided along the ice, maybe dreaming of that first goal, first race, or first spin?

Perhaps you want to share that feeling with your children or grandchildren or feel that exhilaration of getting back on the ice, or maybe you’ve just always wanted to know how it felt, but didn’t have the confidence to give it a try. Thanks to a community-led initiative, Cape Breton Regional Municipality Recreation offers Back2Basics, a free learn to skate program that teaches new skaters and those who haven’t been on skates in a while, the skills they need to hit the ice with confidence.

The program uses volunteer coaches who direct activities on and off the ice and ensure a safe and encouraging learning environment. Back2Basics strives to improve access to recreation opportunities and increase physical literacy for children, youth and adults.

Something for Everyone

Back2Basics offers three program streams, each with its own target group.

Learn With Me is a beginner program for young children (age 2-6 years) who are accompanied by a parent/guardian while on the ice. The program teaches both the parent and the child the basics of skating, helping the child to learn the necessary movements and skills.

Little Movers is a secondary program for children (age 6 years +) who can stand on skates without assistance. The program allows participants to learn the fundamentals of skating.

Skate4Life is a learn to skate program aimed at adults (age 18 years +) who are new to skating and those who have skated in the past but are looking to brush up on their skills.

Each Back2Basics program runs for four consecutive sessions. Along with the Back2Basics curriculum, volunteer coaches also share information on the proper storage of equipment and relevant safety tips. For more information on the Winter 2019 Back2Basics program, including information on how to register, please contact Colleen at 902-563-0901 or [email protected].


“Adrianna gained confidence and enjoys skating all thanks to the incredible coaches in the Back2Basics Skating program! Because of their help, guidance and support she can now skate! It sure made a noticeable difference every week! We’re so proud, thanks for this amazing program for the kids to learn!”



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